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Captain Kirk sings Meatlof’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”…with that Chinese kid!

For some reason this video is amazing?
William Shatner and that chunky Chinese kid who shot to fame singing a Whitney Houston song on YouTube, Lin Yu Chun collaborated on singing a duet!
Not only a duet but…one of the most intense songs that can be sung…Total Eclipse of the Heart on Lopez Tonight!
…The kid was amazing…and Shatner sucked…but the crowd loved it!
…I wonder if they can sing Paradise by a dashboard light? (my Fav Pot-smoking song)

Video: Chinese Kid sets YouTube on Fire with Whitney Houston Song!

This chubby Chinese kid did a Susan Boyle moment singing Whitney Houston’s or if you are a Purist…Dolly Parton’s song I Will Always Love You!
It looks like some kinda Chink American Idol show…but whatever …the kid kills!