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Jessica Simpson Nude on Cover of Elle Magazine!

Well one of my fantasies has come true…almost!

Jessica Simpson has posed nude for the April cover of Elle magazine!

In my fantasy she’s not pregnant and her hands aren’t covering her tits….but Beggars can’t be Choosers…so here it is folks!

….at least there is a large amount of titty flesh shown!

Jessica Simpson nude

What a Hotwife Does on a Sunday Morning!

Carol Cox has been a Hotwife on the net for as about as long as their has been a net!

Today the Mature Miss Twitted this pic of herself sunning nude on her back porch as she enjoys a cup of coffee!

If you follow Carol on Twitter…you’ll find that she Tweets herself nude a lot on both her front and back porches!

Her neighbors must love her!

You can visit her webpage here…but beware! She is extremely graphic!

Carol Cox Nude