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Mamie Van Doren Turns 80? No Way!

Today Mamie Van Doren is 80!
It amazes me because Mamie looks nothing like 80!
Mamie doesn’t act like someone who is 80!
Hell…she just put out a new Country CD that she is promoting called Still a Troublemaker that is available on iTunes!
….and just visit her Website and take a gander at what Hollywood Legend Mamie looks like today!
She’s Hot! …I’m talking really hot!

Love you Mamie! Happy Birthday!
Here is a pic of Mamie back in the day! Beautiful!
Mamie Van Doren
And of Course…one of my Favorite pics of Mamie from last year!
Mamie Van Doren

Mamie Van Doren’s Sizzeling New Video!

Mamie Van Doren just released a new video of her biographical song “Mamie Van Doren” from her new CD Still a Troublemaker available on iTunes!
Loving Mamie! Still a Troublemaker and still sexy! Lots of cleavage and even a seethru in this video!

Visit Mamie’s Webpage Here

Reasons Howard Stern should Interview Mamie Van Doren!

I was chatting with Mamie Van Doren the other day…you know Mamie…the last of the Blonde Bombshells!
I suggested she try to get on The Howard Stern Show to do a Interview because she is currently promoting her New Country CD “Still a Troublemaker“!
She told me she would really like to do the show and asked me if I knew someone from the show…but I’m only a Stern Fan and don’t really have a relationship with anyone from the show except in my head! (Robin’s Tits)
Well I’ve emailed every connection I have and no response! So If anyone who reads this blog has Howard’s ear…give him a heads up about Mamie!
Reasons for a Stern Interview?
She’s a legend!
She’s sexy!
She’s open and honest and will talk about anything!
She has great stories! She’s dated or banged half of Hollywood!
and she gonna be 80 next month! I still can’t believe it but 80 doesn’t describe her…this picture from last year does….
Mamie Van Doren and her tits

Mamie Van Doren is Still a Troublemaker!

Mamie Van Doren just released a Country Album called Still a Troublemaker! The Living Sex Legend sounds good on this video clip featuring the title song!
It’s got a funky beat and this video shows lots O’ Mamie Cleavage that you’ll enjoy!
The CD is now available on ITunes! Buy it! Great Christmas Gift!
The Girl still has it! Amazing!

Move Over Dolly Parton…Here Comes Mamie!

The Sexiest Woman on The Planet…Mamie Van Doren, is about to release her first Country CD named “Still A Troublemaker“!
The CD is expected to be available on ITunes on December 14th and is available now for Preorder!
I would Love to see Dolly Parton and Mamie Van Doren in a Duet!
….come to think of it…that might be a quartet? :)
Support The Maimester! She’s My Bud!

Mamie Van Doren Country CD

New Mamie Van Doren Topless Picture!

I want to thank Screen Legend and Sex Goddess Mamie Van Doren for the new topless pic she emailed me yesterday!
Miss Van Doren looks sexier than ever in this steamy black and white picture taken just this past Saturday morning!
Thanks again…Mamie! It makes a great 60th Birthday present for me!
If any of you fans or youngsters want to visit Mamie’s website…It’s free and has tons of pics and videos of a Real Woman…and I mean Woman…visit her at mamievandoren.com and tell her Daddyoh sent ya!
Mamie Van Doren Topless November 2010
Picture Courtesy of Mamie Van Doren

Actor Tony Curtis Dies!

Actor Tony Curtis has died apparently from a heart attack in his Las Vegas home!
The 85 year old Actor had been suffering with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the last few years!
In his hey day he was the handsome actor who Starred in Spartacus with Kirk Douglas, The Defiant Ones with Sidney Portier and the classic Some Like it Hot with Jack Lemon and Marilyn Monroe!
Tony also starred with my buddy Mamie Van Doren in her first starring role in The All American!
Tony was married 6 times. His first wife was Actress Janet Leigh and their daughter is Actress Jamie Lee Curtis!
Sept. 30, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - TONY CURTIS WITH JANET LEIGH 1955. . © Red Carpet Pictures

Mamie Van Doren Topless and Still “HOT”!

Hollywood Legend, Mamie Van Doren sent me a new picture and I gotta say this Blonde Bombshell is unbelievable!
Be sure to checkout Mamie’s Webpage and look for her new Column called “What Happened to George?” in the December 2009 issue of Hustler Magazine!

…Those Nipples look tasty! icon_love-struct

She has some new additional Pics on her webpage!


Picture Courtesy of Mamie Van Doren

Mamie Van Doren Gets Topless for the Summer!

Mamie Van Doren just sent me a email with a new topless picture attached that I have to share!….Jesus… I Love that Woman!
Here’s the letter…
From: Mamie Van Doren
Date: August 26, 2010 8:52:44 PM PDT
To: daddyoh@nationalspectator.com
Subject: Swedish Love!!
Dear DaddyO<

Was a hot summer day in Newport Beach and I was thinking of you!
Mamie Van Doren Topless

Picture Courtesy of Mamie Van Doren
I wanna chew on those nipples so bad! AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!
You can visit the living legend’s Webpage Here
She has lots of stories, pictures and even some video clips!
Tell her Daddyoh sent ya and maybe she’ll let me chew on those nips! :)