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Breakup of The Brotherhood! Hulk vs Bubba!

I gotta say I don’t know what the fuck is going on with the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape fiasco?

Hogan’s best friend for the past 15 years has been DJ Bubba The Love Sponge.

The internet is abuzz  with the pics and different stories about the time Bubba let his sexy then wife, Heather, fuck his best friend, Hulk Hogan who was in a bad place in his life and getting no love!

What a friend! “Your feeling bad buddy…hey, go fuck my wife! She’ll make you feel better!”

Unfortunately for Hogan,  Bubba’s house is wired with security cams.

So…..Hogan had stayed at Bubba’s house for many months so i’m sure he knew about the cameras?

Bubba has mentioned his cameras many times on his radio show.

Now the Hulkster wants to sue Bubba and his ex-wife for the film being leaked!

Bubba The Love Sponge

WOAH! Bubba went ballistic today on his radio show venting about his former best friend and pulling no stops! Afterall…he has 15 years of confidential inside information on Hogan!

My Take….Nobody knows who released the tape. I don’t trust Hulk, Bubba or Heather. Who would profit from this mess? Not Bubba or Heather….

The video shows Hulk fucking a Hot Chick who has nothing but positive things to say about him. He doesn’t look bad in any macho manhood light and it’s getting tons of publicity for the Old Wrestler at the end of his career.

Is it a shoot or a work?

First of all Bubba was a lifelong fan of Hogan. He worshiped the guy. He got some game from being his friend.

Question. Would Bubba blow his relationship with Hulk by outing this tape? I don’t think so.

Bubba has testified in court over Hogan’s divorce taking the side of Hogan as any good buddy would.

I’m very questioning what Hogan has to profit? Kim Kardashian is a millionaire because she first came on the scene with her initial sextape!

It’s easy to place blame but let’s wait and I’m sure the whole truth will come out!