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Natalie Portman Ballerina Pokies!

Here is a still from the movie The Swan with a nicely inshape Natalie Portman dancing with her highbeams on!
Natalie Portman Pokies

In Other News!

Jenny McCarthy is horny and size doesn’t matter! [Huffington Post]

Eric The Midget appearance on Fringe last night [Shabooty]

Lea Michelle goes Topless [Marie Claire]

AFLAC Duck gets kinky! [Dead Dog]

Seal video driving KKK Members crazy! [Huffington Post]

Jim Carrey might be Losing it!

Jim Carrey has really been a little wacky lately…
Clues? Well he dumped Jenny McCarthy.
He went against his grain as Mr. Politically Correct and gave Tiger Wood’s wife Elin…shit about her knowing about Tiger’s affairs…
and finally…his Twitters sound like the rambling of a post motorcycle accident Gary Busey!
The Jim Carrey I’ve always known was the most down to earth centered person with a great sense of humor.
Now…I’m not sure? I hope he’s ok. He is a Genius!
Jim Carrey & Ewan McGregor Receive Honors In France!

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are Tired of each other!

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have split!
I”m really not sure who was tired of whom…but I’m guessing Ol Jimbo is having a midlife crisis and needs to spread the Carrey seed across the universe!
…It’s a shame…they made a nice couple. I hate it when things change! :(
62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival