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Mamie Van Doren Topless and Still “HOT”!

Hollywood Legend, Mamie Van Doren sent me a new picture and I gotta say this Blonde Bombshell is unbelievable!
Be sure to checkout Mamie’s Webpage and look for her new Column called “What Happened to George?” in the December 2009 issue of Hustler Magazine!

…Those Nipples look tasty! icon_love-struct

She has some new additional Pics on her webpage!


Picture Courtesy of Mamie Van Doren

The New Hollywood! No Happy Endings!

I’m not sure what’s going on in Hollywood these days…
Casey Affleck has been accused of another sexual harrassment lawsuit…and Mel Gibson can’t get a blowjob!
This is bullshit! What’s the use in striving to become famous and not being able to score some easy poontang?
This crap didn’t happen back in old Hollywood! Errol Flynn fucked everything that walked!
But then again…Errol had a charming quality that I think maybe Affleck doesn’t posses and Gibson lost due to alcohol?
In other news…former Vice President Al Gore has been cleared of charges that he sexually abused a Masseuse!
Even Al Gore can’t get a happy ending!
Al Gore, a U.S. former vice-president and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, gestures during his lecture on climate change inside a mall in Manila June 8, 2010. Al Gore arrived in the capital on Tuesday to deliver lecture on climate change, part of the world's environment day celebration. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco (PHILIPPINES - Tags: POLITICS ENVIRONMENT)

Hot For Mamie!

When I was a horny lad growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, my main Go to Girls were the 3 M’s (Monroe, Mansfield & Mamie)! There was a lot of sexual pressure as a kid…we didn’t have a internet to fulfill our sexual fantasies…all I had was the lingerie section of the Sears Catalog! I gotta tell you that chick in the black bra and panties on page 43 was a keeper! :)

Marilyn Monroe got most of the big parts and was the most famous of the Blonde Bombshells and Jayne Mansfield did the most outrageous stunts and had tits from here to Texas but Mamie Van Doren was my special lady!

She had the face and body of an angel and every chance I could I would checkout one of her movies like High School Confidential or get one of the movie mags that had a article or a pic of her! I knew Mamie wouldn’t give a 11 year old kid like me the time of day but that didn’t stop me from taking care of “Little Elvis” at night with fantasies of Mamie in my head! ) (….hmmmm wonder where this story is going?) icon_rolleyes

Anyways…let me get back to reality here.

40 something years later….Marilyn and Jayne have both tragically died and Mamie Van Doren is still going strong!

I found her sexy in the 50’s and 60’s! In the 70’s as she matured, she turned in a Hot MILF!

Now it’s suddenly 2009 and Mamie has morphed into the most Glamorous 70- Something year old on the Planet! She must have made a deal with the Devil to stay so hot! icon_devil


Picture Courtesy of Mamie Van Doren

I ran across this new pic of her above on her website Mamievandoren.com and not only is she still beautiful but screams of sexuality! If I were that 11 year old back in 1961 my head would have exploded from seeing this picture! :)

Mamie is still a free spirit as you can tell by the Photoshoots she does on her webpage. She has tons of pics and videos all free for visitors to checkout including some “hot nudes”! She keeps busy promoting herself and even has her own wine, Mamitage!

I even hear she may be doing a Country Album soon? Why Not? She’s done everything else!….except me of course ;)


Photo Courtesy of Mamie Van Doren

Jesus! Those are tits to die for!

Mamie, if you need your grass cut or your pool swept just gimme a call! I only live a hour away!