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What does George Clooney see in Elisabetta Canalis?

George Clooney has been dating Italian Model, Elisabetta Canalis for quit awhile now! Personally, I think it’s cuz he likes saying “Elisabetta” ….sounds fancy! ;)
When he and Brad Pitt are sitting around Clooney’s Italian Villa…. drinking a cognac by the fire and Brad brings up Angelina….George can always work in…“Elisabetta, please give Brad a refill. Will you please, My Love!”
…and please put something on over that negligee…your going catch your death!”

….well anyways…back to reality…Elisabetta just did a Underwear Photoshoot for Roberto Cavilli that was released today…this might give you a clue as to why George dates her!
Elisabetta Canalis
But here’s the real reason George is dating her…he saw this ’05 Picture of Liz in GQ magazine…I’m sure! Camel Toe and all!