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Commentary: Is There a God?

I gotta admit from the start…I’m a Atheist! Yes…one of those wacky people who have no soul and believe most religions are Fairy Stories to scare the mass into behaving themselves and donating their time,money and swords into keeping the myth going!

Everybody wants to think that when they die…they will go to a better place… you know…be with all your favorite passed-on relatives….streets of gold…virgins to have sex with etc.

I personally believe religion is evil! It promotes hate and evil! Most people just want to raise a family,go to work and have a beer on the weekend. Religion wants you to fly planes into buildings, put on bomb vests and blow up whoever is next to you, torture you if you are a nonbeliever, stone you if you don’t follow their rules, and try to shame you if  you say you are a Atheist?

I’ve read the Bible….In the Old Testatement…God was a really mean guy… he would have guys sacrifice their own children for his benefit.

In the New Testament it was all flowers and forgiving! Turn the other cheek etc.

Now Christians are Haters! Forget Jesus. It’s all about Be a Christian or you are going to die in Eternal Hell!

Like Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, Carl Sagan and other renown Atheists…I’m not buying it!

Humanity will be better off when they realize all these primitive superstitious religions keep us separated as humans and that we need to come together as one!

…Besides…we all know that we are all a great scientific experiment from Aliens from another planet!