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Howard is Still The King!

Listening to Howard Stern this morning on Sirius/XM Satellite radio and it was classic!

All week long David Arquette has been sitting in and getting hammered by Howard about his relationship….or non-relationship with his wife Courteney Cox!

David has been very open and shares probably too much…but that is what Howard does!

Today Maria Menenous appeared on the show to promote her new book…and it became a free-fall as Howard got into her sexlife with her long time boyfriend who came into the studio!

Well the boyfriend who is a big time Howard fan exposed things that Maria was chagrined to let out and it made for very funny fodder!

By the end of the interview…Maria was in shambles and Howard had a new sound bite of Maria’s annoying laugh! Even David Arquette made a remark “this will be a great sound bite!”

Later, Courteney Cox made a surprise appearance to a shocked Howard and The King of All Media immediately began his marriage counseling tirade to try and reconcile the couple!

Courteney was more interested in getting re-invited to the 2nd Kimmel Party for Howard this weekend!

Apparently all of Hollywood is clamoring for a invite to Jimmy Kimmel’s Casa for the Stern Party!

Howard said on air that Don Rickels and his wife Barbara will be there!

That’s all I need! Rickels Rulez!

I just hope Jillian Barbarie doesn’t throw up on Kimmel’s furniture like last time!

Here’s a pic of Courteney on the show today!

Courteney Cox on Howard Stern

Picture via howardstern.com

Howard Stern Spills Laughs on Letterman!

Howard Stern had maybe his best appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night!

Right from the get go…Howard criticized Dave’s crew (Producer Rob Burnett and Sidekick Paul Shaffer) for having outside projects instead of not focusing on Dave’s Show and beating Jay Leno in the ratings!

Then Howard launched into a tirade about Regis Philbin and how he thought that he was fired! He said Regis should get another show opposite his old show and compete!

Stern also brought up Dave and Charlie Sheen’s affairs which was honest and funny as hell! He made a point that Dave and Sheen are having affairs and nobody gets fired…but they fired Stern after he mentioned he was moving to Sirius!

He also took a quick and funny pot shot at Bill Cosby!

In a more sincere segment, Howard apologized to Dave for blabbing about personal talks with Dave on his radio show that Dave didn’t want made public! They also talked about Stern’s psychoanalysis and meditation!

All in All it was funny..That’s what Howard does best!

Go visit Shabooty to see the full show via YouTube!

howard-stern- dave letterman