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Country Music Jumps The Shark!

Nice picture of Sassy Actress/Model Brooklyn Decker at the 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Vegas last night!
…You know…the awards they give to people who don’t sing Country music!
How did country music get highjacked?
If it were really Country music…you wouldn’t even see Brooklyn Decker there…not to mention Steven Tyler! What the fuck is Steven Tyler doing at a Country Awards?
Where’s Willie and Merle? Bullshit!
…Brooklyn is fun to look at though! :)
Brooklyn Decker at ACM Awards 2011

Mamie Van Doren’s Sizzeling New Video!

Mamie Van Doren just released a new video of her biographical song “Mamie Van Doren” from her new CD Still a Troublemaker available on iTunes!
Loving Mamie! Still a Troublemaker and still sexy! Lots of cleavage and even a seethru in this video!

Visit Mamie’s Webpage Here

Mamie Van Doren is Still a Troublemaker!

Mamie Van Doren just released a Country Album called Still a Troublemaker! The Living Sex Legend sounds good on this video clip featuring the title song!
It’s got a funky beat and this video shows lots O’ Mamie Cleavage that you’ll enjoy!
The CD is now available on ITunes! Buy it! Great Christmas Gift!
The Girl still has it! Amazing!

Move Over Dolly Parton…Here Comes Mamie!

The Sexiest Woman on The Planet…Mamie Van Doren, is about to release her first Country CD named “Still A Troublemaker“!
The CD is expected to be available on ITunes on December 14th and is available now for Preorder!
I would Love to see Dolly Parton and Mamie Van Doren in a Duet!
….come to think of it…that might be a quartet? :)
Support The Maimester! She’s My Bud!

Mamie Van Doren Country CD

Merle Haggard and Paul McCartney on The same Bill?

I never thought I’d see Sir Paul McCartney and Country legend Merle Haggard on the same bill….But…they were both being honored by The Kennedy Center Honors event this year in Washington DC.
Also honored were Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Herman and Bill T. Jones.
It’s good to see Sir Paul and The Hag together…both are two of my heroes! Haggard is one of only a handful of living country legends who is still around…a remembrance of when country music was good and not a sanitised makeover. I suppose that’s why country isn’t as popular anymore?
2010 Kennedy Center honorees Sir Paul McCartney, left, and Merle Haggard, center, share some conversation after posing for their formal class photo following the formal Artist's Dinner at the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, December 4, 2010. Mr. Haggard's wife, Theresa Ann Lane looks on from the right.   UPI/Ron Sachs/Pool Photo via Newscom

Out of Closet Country Singer Ashamed of Hurting Her Ex Brad Paisley!

As many of you know…Country singer Chely Wright has come out of the proverbial closet and admitted…YES! I Like Pussy!
Now she has confessed that she is ashamed of hurting her Ex Boyfriend…Country Singer Brad Paisley!
She also claimed that during physical intimacy she would cry?
…The Poor fucking Bastard! Can you imagine trying to bang a chick and she’s crying?
Brad was probably thinking…”Yeah, I got a Big One and it Hurts!”
…I can see it now…a new Country song by Brad Paisley…”I Banged her into leaving me!”
…sounds kinda catchy!
…feel free to come up with your own title! ;)
opening night performance of the Broadway revival of 'Promises, Promises' New York City