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Trouble in Paradise! Howard Stern Sues Sirius/XM!

The King of All Media, Howard Stern thru his Company has sued Sirius/XM Satellite Radio over bonus stock awards that Stern’s people think that he is owed…according to TMZ!

I listened to Stern this morning and he said nothing about it….Smart!

Sirius/XM has payed Stern tons of $$$$…I guess they think he’s been paid enough…no matter what his contract says. Being a long-time Stern Fan…And knowing how he deals honestly with everyone he does business with…I’m sure Stern is probably owed the money.

Pay up Mel!

Howard Stern

Goldman Sachs Still Giving Away Our Money! 5 Billion in Bonus Money!

What Balls! Goldman Sachs while under investigation by the SEC for defrauding and betting against it’s investors has paid their own Fat Cats $5 Billion in Bonuses for 3 months of work!
This is according to a article I read on The Huffington Post!
If it is true…which probably is…these frigging guys should be beheaded and have their heads stuck on high poles up and down Wall Street as a reminder to others who want to keep screwing America!
…Now of course…I realise in this day and time you can’t cut anybody’s head off….but how about their balls? I want my piece of flesh for this!
No wonder these Asshole Tea Party right-wing Dudes are getting attention!
People are getting angry!
If this crap doesn’t change…some of these recently homeless hard-working Americans who’ve lost everything are gonna turn their despair and attention on the government that is letting the Bankers take advantage of them!
BTW…Lets add the Oil Companies to this list!
It’s time for the “Let Them Eat CakeShitheads to start paying for this….and I’m not talking just a monetary slap on the wrist fine…I’m talking serious jail time and every penny they own being stripped away from them!
Americans need to feel like they are represented and not played for Patsies!
…There I said it…Now back to Boobs and Babes!
Goldman Sachs