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Mamie Van Doren is Still a Troublemaker!

Mamie Van Doren just released a Country Album called Still a Troublemaker! The Living Sex Legend sounds good on this video clip featuring the title song!
It’s got a funky beat and this video shows lots O’ Mamie Cleavage that you’ll enjoy!
The CD is now available on ITunes! Buy it! Great Christmas Gift!
The Girl still has it! Amazing!

Move Over Dolly Parton…Here Comes Mamie!

The Sexiest Woman on The Planet…Mamie Van Doren, is about to release her first Country CD named “Still A Troublemaker“!
The CD is expected to be available on ITunes on December 14th and is available now for Preorder!
I would Love to see Dolly Parton and Mamie Van Doren in a Duet!
….come to think of it…that might be a quartet? :)
Support The Maimester! She’s My Bud!

Mamie Van Doren Country CD