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Emmanuelle Star Sylvia Kristel Dies!

I hate it when someone I used to wack off to leaves the planet!

Sylvia Kristel, the Dutch Born Actress who starred in the French film Emmanuelle has died in her sleep from cancer.

The 70’s movie which had a lot of sequels told the story of a sexy Hotwife involved in all sorts of sexual trysts!

Looking back….this may have been the start of my Hotwife perversion? Oh Well.

Goodbye Sylvia…we hardly knew ye.

Sylvia Kristel


Rita Rusic Bikini Nip Slip!

I gotta say I never heard of Rita Rusic until I came acrosss these pics of her flashing a nipple on Miami Beach!

Then I did some research…Google...and found out that she’s a 51 year old Actress/Producer that often times wears bikinis and has many nipplegate moments!

So….here she is….a Mature Hotty with nice tits who likes to show them off! Hallelujah!