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There’s a New Sheriff In Town! Brad Keselowski Celebrates Sprint Cup Championship!

It’s nice to see a Nascar Sprint Cup Champion let off some steam and celebrate winning Nascar’s most esteem championship by drinking his # 1 Sponsor’s beer as he gets shitfaced on camera while being interviewed live by Sports Center!
Brad Keselowski had a real live moment telling it like it is in this Sports Center interview after downing a snootfull of Miller Lite!
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Matt Kenseth Headed to Joe Gibbs Racing!

According to my Nascar Spy Buddies…Matt Kenseth is heading to Joe Gibbs Racing next year!

Goodbye Ford Hello Toyota!

Kenseth announced that he was leaving Roush-Fenway after a 14 year tour! Insiders are saying that Kenseth has signed to a more profitable Carl Edwards type contract with Gibbs!

There is a lot of speculation that Matt was unhappy that Edwards got such a big new payday last year as Kenseth, the current points leader was having a hard time getting funding for his car.

Gibbs is the perfect match with Home Depot who is looking for a front runner to compete with Lowe’s Jimmie Johnson.

Joey Logano is looking for a fourth spot with Gibbs and currently searching for new sponsors and may be running full time in the Nationwide Series if nothing comes thru!

Tony Stewart Comes from Behind to Clinch Nascar Sprint Cup Championship!

It was the most exciting race of the year! Tony versus Carl! Good versus Evil!
And Evil Won!
Tony Stewart drove like a Demon all day and night long at Homestead Miami Speedway in a race that was interrupted numerous times by showers.
While Carl Edwards spent most of the race in first place with no obstacles…Stewart had to overcome one problem after another.
First he had a baseball-sized hole in his grill…..that probably happened when Kurt Busch’s transmission blew up in front of him.
Secondly…the lug nut gun jammed while changing tires and caused him to lose many spots!
Both times Tony drove wildly through the field sometimes passing 3 or 4 cars on a turn and taking chances a mere Mortal wouldn’t try!
But in the end…after a final restart that had Tony near the front…he passed everyone with Edwards on his tail and stayed up front to the finish to win his 3rd Championship!

Tony Stewart celebrates winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford 400, and with that the 2011 Sprint Cup Championship at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, Florida on November 20, 2011. UPI/Christina Mendenhall

The Race of All Time?

Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Homestead Florida might well be a epic match!

The spirits have moved through the universe and collided with some magic particles that may well trickle down on Homestead Sunday afternoon when the final two Champions collide in a race of all races.

There will be only one winner after Sunday and after five years in a row….his name is not going to be Jimmy Johnson!

Carl (AFLAC) Edwards and Tony (Smoke) Stewart will meet to decide the NASCAR 2011 Sprint Cup Championship!

Tony is a mere 3 points behind Edwards and is looking to clinch his 3rd Cup Trophy!

Edwards, so far, hasn’t made it to the vaulted Promise Land but Mr Steady is always fast at Homestead and although Stewart has swagger and is on a hot streak with 4 wins in The Chase…Carl goes about his duties with the calmness of Ghandi!

Either way…I suggest everyone tune in to the final race of the season….especially the last few laps and see if this is a race to remember?

I think it will!

Tony Stewart leads cars out of turn three during the 24th Annual Kobalt Tolls 500 at Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale, Arizona on November 13,2011. UPI Photo/Art Foxall

Tony Stewart Wins 4 Times in The Chase and is Still in 2nd Place?

Disclaimer! I am a Tony Stewart Fan. But I just don’t understand how my guy can win 4 races in the Chase and still be in second place? It’s kind of embarrassing….you now…like Kyle Busch watching a race on top of his Hauler cuz he can’t control himself!

Tony won….again…. yesterday…. at Texas Motor Speedway for the 4th time in the chase! Carl Edwards….the ahemmmm Leader….hung in for a second place finish to keep in the lead for Chase Points!

I know Carl has been consistent all year long and deserves his position at the top of the Leader board…But he hasn’t won any races in The Chase? Tony has won not 2….not 3…but 4 fricking times!

Maybe NASCAR should rethink their points system and drop a few more points for a Winner…

Just Thinkin….

Tony Stewart races in the NASCAR Bank of America 500 race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina on October 15, 2011. UPI/Nell Redmond .

Tony Stewart Wins in Chicago!

It was a great day for me! My boy….Tony Stewart finally won his first race of the year at Chicagoland and it couldn’t have come at a better time!
The first race of The Chase ran today after a rain out on Sunday!
Stewart nursed his fuel-deprived #14 across the finish line ahead of a hard-charging Kevin Harvick and a slew of other front runners who ran out of gas on the last lap including Ol’ Five Time!
Dale Junior came from behind and had a great 3rd place finish for 5th place in The Chase standings!
Stewart jumped to 2nd in the Chase…just 7 points behind Chase Leader Kevin Harvick!
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