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What every real man should know!

Republicans are Going Full Force On Anything!

Well it seems the Obama Administration has made a few mistakes and the Republican Party and their wolf dogs in media are trying to make much ado about nothing!
Bengahzi? Mistakes were made but nothing criminal….get over it.
IRS? If some IRS underlings were over zealous about some Billy Bob’s Tea Party IRS status then I would hope they would be investigated.
The Press? If any press member put out info that would endanger the United States or compromise any undercover Agent…I would expect the government to do what they do.
….BTW If the Obama Administration is guilty of subverting any of the above with the approval of the White House…I would say IMPEACH.
BUT….I think it’s all bullshit and the Republican Parties way of subverting the info that Americans receive their info and making the current Administration look bad.
Personally, I find it offensive and immoral.
Let’s come together people and work to give more jobs and get the American economy working again!
Wow! I used subverting twice!

Is Religion Evil?

With the Boston Marathon Bombing we see extreme religious beliefs manifesting itself into deaths of innocents once again!
Islam is not the only culprit.
Christians are also compatible in this crazy behavior by their belief in early history when thousands were tortured and put to death because they didn’t believe properly.
Even today we see right wing Christian churches espousing their nutty beliefs!
When I read the New Testament….All I see is love and forgiveness.
But that love has somehow been changed into something vile and evil.
Now Islam is the same.
If every Muslim believes that every person in the world should die because they don’t believe Muhammad is God…. I gotta think they need to lighten up and get along with the rest of the world.
If not….we may have to send all the radical Muslims to the Happy Hunting Ground!
Do we want to spend the rest of our lifetime trying to not hurt anybody’s feeling because they think their God wants us dead?
Don’t think so.
The United States, due to it’s nuclear capacity has the ability to kill every person in the world.
It is a heavy burden.
Would I expect the US to use this ability? No.
I’m just saying….radical Muslims…behave.
Don’t poke the bear too many times.
Besides what you believe in is shit and so is all religion! Lets take care of ourselves as humans! Not religious nut jobs! Amen! ….. that’s a humorous reference for the dimwits!
I know a lot of you Doucebags spend a lot of time listening to the religious rhetoric that makes you want to strap on a explosive backpack and send yourself to the promised land….but before you do…. Dumb ass….It’s all Bullshit.
You are dying for nothing!
Religion…instead of money…is the root of evil.

Roger Ebert Dies!

Movie Critic Roger Ebert died today. Roger was an iconic figure for the past 30 years with his movie reviews for The Chicago Sun Times as well as his famous collaboration with Gene Siskel for At The Movies which was the forerunner of most of today’s movie review shows on TV.
Ebert faced many years of hardship with jaw cancer which cost him not only a jaw…but a voice box in later years. But, undaunted…he kept giving reviews and was a great presence until his death.
Roger Ebert…Nice Guy and will be missed.
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