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  1. Ron Paul might be one of the best politicians since the Founding Fathers.As a non-American I can only soecnd that. I love watching interviews with him, if only bandwidth was not limited here I would watch even more. For the first time economics makes sense to me, and the rest is mostly logical. I differ about his stance towards drugs, since it is known amongst Christian Street Workers that for instance weed is an entry drug for the hard stuff, so kids should not be encouraged to use it.But apart from that I think he is mostly aligned with the US constitution. I don’t think his brand of politics would necessarily suit other nations such as Germany or Japan, who are doing well in spite of their structural socialism, bit for the US he would make the best prez. by far. It seems the Israel lobby is keeping him out of office, since he would do away with their privileged status. They call someone wanting to do that an “anti-Semite”, i.e. neocons insist that political privilege is their birthright.

  2. How do my hubby and I join this site. We see it has a login but no place to register. I love this site and would like to find out how to keep updated.

    Lynn & Earl Davis

  3. I will like to post some of my ex glfds Pics with the Honor that you mention me buddy i went to your entire site is awesome is the Best i will like to be a formal FAN!

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