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Wanna link to our Blogroll and get some extra Hits?

BlogrollIf you have a Blog that doesn’t bore the crap out of me and want to increase your Page Rank…We will gladly add you to our Blogroll…..

That is….if you add us! Hey… no fucking free rides! :)

Just email Daddyoh and request him to check out your Blog….. and if he’s sober….he’ll get back to you right away and hook you up!

We will consider any Blog….Just try to have something interesting!


2 thoughts on “Blogroll Exchange”

  1. Came across your website by complete accident, but so glad I did, so refreshing to see another guy liking the things I like without society making me feel like a pervert just because I like looking at womens boobs or arses, im a truck driver who drives around London and loves looking at pretty women showing there bits. Im just a normal guy not some weird pervert, also fed up with women who dress scantily and get moody when you look at them, if you dont like it wear a sack not a short skirt and open blouse.

    Keep up the good work.

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