Republicans are Going Full Force On Anything!

Well it seems the Obama Administration has made a few mistakes and the Republican Party and their wolf dogs in media are trying to make much ado about nothing!
Bengahzi? Mistakes were made but nothing criminal….get over it.
IRS? If some IRS underlings were over zealous about some Billy Bob’s Tea Party IRS status then I would hope they would be investigated.
The Press? If any press member put out info that would endanger the United States or compromise any undercover Agent…I would expect the government to do what they do.
….BTW If the Obama Administration is guilty of subverting any of the above with the approval of the White House…I would say IMPEACH.
BUT….I think it’s all bullshit and the Republican Parties way of subverting the info that Americans receive their info and making the current Administration look bad.
Personally, I find it offensive and immoral.
Let’s come together people and work to give more jobs and get the American economy working again!
Wow! I used subverting twice!

2 thoughts on “Republicans are Going Full Force On Anything!”

  1. Your site has gotten political you need to go back to boobs and female crotch shots Im going to delete you if you continue on this path of a liberal agenda By the way I loved your web site but hate the politics

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