Comedian Robert Schimmel Dies!

Jimmy Kimmel has reported on Twitter that one of my favorite Comedians, Robert Schimmel has died from his injuries from a car accident last week.
Kimmel wasn’t positive about the report…but pretty sure!
Schimmel was a regular Guest on The Howard Stern Show and many knew him from his HBO Special! Bob had all kinds of trouble in his past. He fought cancer, ex-wives and just recently cirrosis of the liver caused by a blood transfusion.
He was involved in a car crash last week riding as a passenger while his daughter drove in Arizona.
The man was a funny fuck on stage and will be missed!
robert schimmel dies

5 thoughts on “Comedian Robert Schimmel Dies!”

  1. Hey Daddyoh!
    I think you might have been the first blog to report Schimmel died?
    On google it looks like your post was a hour before anyone else!
    Your turning into TMZ! LOL
    BTW..I loved Schimmel! Funny guy. One of the best Comedians. Probably in top 10 of all time.
    Viva Machete! Numero Uno at Box office!

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