English TV Host Yvette Fielding in a Painted Bathing Suit!

I love pics of ladies with painted on bikini’s and bathing suits!
…wouldn’t that be a great job! Just painting on nude women all day?
…I digress…
Here we have English TV Host and actress Yvette Fielding wearing her Painted on Picasso!
…I suppose she is wearing bottoms…cuz I see no evidence of “chooch” unless the artist used spackle? ;)

17 thoughts on “English TV Host Yvette Fielding in a Painted Bathing Suit!”

  1. Ooooo she is so hot everyday I wank over her,I’ve got a picture of Yvette Fielding were u can see up her skirt. I’d love her to sit on my face I bet she tastes and smells sooo good

  2. here is a women you could die for, she is beautiful with clothes on when on tv and part painted in this picture she is a dream either way she reminds me of a school teacher i had a crush on when i was at school iam now 47 well i keep on dreaming although iam married and my wife just gets annoyed when i watch yf and by the way my school teacher is prob so old now bless her and that doesn’t mean yf is old she is so right

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